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Civil Rights Law

These attorneys focus on the protection and expansion of people's civil rights and civil liberties.
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Corporate Law

Attorneys specializing in business corporations handle formation, governance, acquisitions, and more.
6 Listings

Family Law

Family attorneys handle divorce, custody, alimony, adoption, and other domestic cases.
6 Listings

Immigration Law

Attorneys in this field handle cases concerning foreigner rights, visas, asylum, green cards, and deportation.
3 Listings

Tax Law

Tax attorneys specialize in legal matters concerning taxation, including issues and regulations related to taxes.
3 Listings

Criminal Law

Criminal law attorneys defend individuals accused of crimes through legal representation and advocacy.
2 Listings

Labor Law

Attorneys specializing in labor law handle worker rights, compliance, unfair practices, and discrimination.
2 Listings

Bankruptcy Law

Attorneys in this category help individuals and companies go through the bankruptcy process.
0 Listings

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2 – 5 Years
$100 / hr

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